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Best Baseball Training Programs

In order to be the best baseball player you can be, you need to be participating in the best baseball training programs, workouts, and drills.  At VIP Baseball Training, we have searched online for the most efficient ways to reaching your true potential.  Below you will find our recommendations for the top baseball training resources.

Best Baseball Hitting Drills

Baseball Swing Mastery is a baseball hitting instruction program from Mazzurco Baseball.   These hitting drills are focused on raising your batting average and increasing your swing power.  With over 30 swing training videos that show you step by step how to improve your swing, you will be one of the most feared batters on your team.  hitting training drills
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Power Hitting Drills

The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power
“The Truth” is an in-depth step by step video training guide for hitters looking to add more power to their swing.  The training drills are based on the latest scientific research from Hitting Performance Lab using rotational power to create an explosive swing.  Even small hitters can hit with more power using the concepts taught in this hitting training program.
hitting performance lab training
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Baseball Swing Analysis

The Feedback Lab
baseball swing analysisIf you want to become a consistent hitter, you need to make sure you understand your swing mechanics.  The Feedback Lab gives you a concise easy to understand analysis of your swing via video feedback.  This is geared toward not only youth hitters and parent/coaches, but can help more experienced players fix their swing.
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Baseball Swing Mechanics Drills

Elite Swing Mechanics
elite swing mechanicsLearn how to develop an elite baseball swing with this online training course. With over a hour and a half of video swing instructions, 150 pages of hitting tips and drills, and personal email coaching by Bobby Tewksbary, you will be swinging for the fences in no time. 
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Baseball Hitting Video Drills

Quality At-bats Academy 
quality at bats hitting training
This hitting training program is updated monthly with new drills, tips, and workouts to help you become a well rounded hitter.  Program includes Baseball I.Q Training, access to Coach Springer’s live webinar, coaching interviews, advanced hitting tips, over 30 hitting video drills, hitting chart, and much more.
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Baseball Pitching Program

Pitching Velocity Drills 

3x Pitching Velocity Program

3x_pitching_velocity_programIf you are looking to learn how to increase your pitching velocity then this is a great program designed for not just beginners, but more experience pitchers as well.  The 3X Pitching program utilizes a groundbreaking new approach to adding speed to your pitches that has proven to add 5 to 10 mph to your pitch in just 4 months of training.  You get drills, videos, personalized analysis and coaching from pro pitching coach Brent Pourciau.  

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Pitcher Injury Prevention Program

The Monster Arm Program is developed by one of the top sports doctors in the country and will help prevent future baseball related injuries.  It is specifically catered to baseball pitchers to help them not only eliminate injuries but improve throwing velocity.  There are a number of great bonus trainings included.  Check out the video below!

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High School Pitcher Training Program

Building The Perfect Pitcher
This pitcher training program is designed for high school or college baseball players that want to improve their pitching performance. If you want to learn how to develop better pitching mechanics, prevent injuries, enhance endurance, and increase your pitching I.Q., this is a must have training for any pitcher.  
perfect pitcher training
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Curveball Drills

Curveball Mastery

Curveball-pitching drillsCurveball Mastery is a simple step by step guide to throwing the perfect curveball developed by Phil Rosengren.  His easy to follow video instruction system will teach you exactly how the curveball works and uses 3 building blocks.  You will learn the proper curveball grip, how to set the hook, and how to maintain the hook to turn your curveball into the nastiest pitch hitters will fear.

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Pitching Delivery Drills

The Ballistic Pitching Blueprint 

ballistic_pitching_blueprintThis set of pitching drills and exercises are centered around developing the proper pitching delivery.  There are a variety of different throwing drills, balance drills, velocity drills, medicine ball throwing exercises, and power pitching drills all demonstrated in video.

The program also provides you with 2 pitching motion video analysis from coach Phil Rosengren that will help you fix the flaws in your mechanics.

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Baseball Workout Routines

Core Power For Baseball

baseball core power workout routine

If you want to improve your overall baseball performance, having a strong core is essential.  That is was this workout routine is all about.  Core  Power for Baseball includes a core strength workout video that includes a variety of exercises that require little equipment.
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Ultimate Forearm Training For Baseball

This is an absolute must have in any baseball workout routine.  Forearm strength helps with every aspect of baseball, from hitting to pitching.   This training program includes baseball specific instruction on how to strengthen your grip and forearms to improve on field performance.   baseball forearm workout

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Baseball Speed Drills

This training program is put together to help improve overall baseball speed.  If you want to get recruited or scouted, you need to develop top level speed.  Not only does 60 Yard Dash Secrets reveal the secrets to improving your 60 yard dash time, it also provides some great baseball speed drills
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Baseball Mental Training

Renegade Mindset Techniques For Baseball 
Baseball is a mental game and believe it or not, as much as you need to train your body, you also need to train your mind as well.   The Renegade Mindset baseball training program includes unique psychology techniques like hypnosis, Nlp, and much more.
baseball mental toughness
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Baseball Nutrition Program

The Throw Cheese Nutrition system is developed just for pitchers to help them get stronger and reduce recovery time between workouts and/or starts.  This baseball nutrition program is based on hormone manipulation, and three stages of a quality workout:  Power, Anabolic, and Rebuild stage.
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Big League Nutrition

big league baseball nutrition programThis baseball nutrition guide will teach you about how to gain muscle mass, lose body fat, eat on the run, nutrient timing, hydration, supplements, macro-nutrients, effects of tobacco/alcohol, and much more.  Using this information you will be able to develop an individualized diet meant to improve your baseball performance.

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Baseball Performance Enhancement Program

2x Velocity Program

This program will help any baseball player regardless of position develop a top prospect player profile in just 16 weeks.   The drills and workouts will help increase your 60 yard dash time, throwing velocity, catcher pop, and conditioning.  Each workout is demonstrated in detailed videos that you can take anywhere.  The 2X Velocity baseball training program also includes personalized coaching and analysis.  2x velocity baseball prospect training

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